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Customize a Canvas Bag

Difficulty Level: Easy

Bag (mine was $24)
Stencils (around $3)
Fabric Markers (I bought expensive ones to use again- $8, but you could cheap out)
Total: $35, but could do for much less

As part of our Disney World vacation planning, we needed a park bag that would hold our water bottles, not be made of vinyl (humidity causes stickyness...yech), and be something both my husband and I would like to carry.

I settled on a canvas bag, as they are cheap, and the one I found was just the perfect size.

But a plain canvas bag is so.... plain. Thats no fun! So after much reserch, I bought some fabric markers. Sharpies might work, but will eventually fade, and may not "pop", which could be a shame on a canvas.... [pun intended]. Using fabric markers mean it is much more likely to hold up to rain and sun.

First we chose a phrase. I lined up the stencils and "painted" directly onto the bag:

Then, my hubby (the artist), sketched directly onto the canvas bag, using blac…

How I planned my Disney Vacation, Part 1- Planning to 61days out

Dear friends,

So my obsessive planning has gotten to the point that I thought I would share my knowledge/resources so far. This is Part 1 of 2 for Planning 61 days out........

Part 1: Choosing a Resort
Bottom Line? Can't help you. We fell by our reservations on accident. I was about to book our trip to Massanutten (in VA) for May, when our timeshare showed us that Disney was open. Booked it and voila! $250 later, I have a week at WDW at Saratoga Springs. Super cheap, and unless you have a timeshare, I have zero advice on how to do this. Let's move on.

Part 2: Figuring out When/Where to spend our week

We have a 3 year old, who will be 4 the week of the trip. So. We knew we needed a day off in the middle of the week. As we are flying in/out, that leaves 6 days to Plan.

Decision 1: This trip is focused on our daughter. In order for all of us to have fun, her needs must be remembered, and we need to not over-plan the day. We will need breaks and rest times.
Decision 2: Take a day o…