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Remodeled Play Kitchen

So I've been drooling over the play kitchens on Pinterest, on other crafty blogs, and, to be honest, pottery barn kids. But I don't have that kind of mullah.  I didn't want a plastic one, because Z is a climber. But wooden play kitchens are hard to find, so I kept my eyes out for a kitchen at the local thrift stores and garage sales... and then I found one!

This kitchen was well loved. I'm guessing it was made in the 60's, by hand. Its bones were pretty good, but there were a lot of loose nails (scary!), the hinges were rusty. And my god! there were stickers and crayon marks everywhere.  The ugly yellow/beige color had to go as well. But I only paid $40 and a case of beer to the neighbor who hauled it home for us, so it was quite the steal.

Project Plan Costs:
Old kitchen ($40) Spray paint- 3 cans main color, 2 cans accent, 1 can oven = $16 Paint Marker (black)- $2.50 Handles (splurge!)- $7 Ebay Knobs (splurge!)- $12 etsy Fabric- 3 yards $14 (sale at JoAnns) Hinges…